Space is big

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I would like to open this blog with 3 simple words: “Space is big”.

In fact, I would say it is impossible to grasp how immense it is. This infinity of new worlds could offer unlimited development potential for humanity, if we have enough vision to dare to explore it and settle there sustainably. For sure, there are challenges imposed by the laws of physics, the economics, and politics. But if we understand them well, we can dream big, work on the relevant topics, and walk in the right direction to start our journey to the stars.

“Return to the Moon”, Robert McCall, 1991.

This blog will introduce some concepts for you to understand what is at stake, what is going on when you read about space news, and hopefully it will give you the tools to analyze relevant paths for space exploration, as well as make your own scenarios, if that’s your thing.

The first series of article will be focused on the Moon, because that is where the short-term space exploration is going on. I will also hopefully be able to give you interesting insights on this topic, as I am involved in the Moon exploration community, and was part of concept studies for sustainably explore and settle it. Mars will also get its fair share of spotlight (I’m an active member of the Mars Society for a reason!), but later.

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The first article may be pretty straightforward if you are already a space enthusiast, but there are basic concepts I need to explain before diving in more advanced topics (and I’ll have a reference to link for them). It will introduce the general concepts of space transportation we’ll use on this blog.

Then, there will be a small introduction about cost estimates, because cost is an important figure of merit to design anything, and space makes no exception.

Finally, we’ll have an in-depth talk about the transportation costs in cislunar space! 🚀

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