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The E.A.G.L.E Action Team of SGAC

I hope everyone had a wonderful time during summer holidays 🙂 The next article on lunar economy takes me a while to prepare, so in the meantime I’m back with a short update ! I recently joined the Effective and Adaptive Governance for a Lunar Ecosystem (E.A.G.L.E.) Action Team of SGAC. 🦅🌕 For those not […]

Gas stations in space: Why? How?

Last time, we talked about Delta-V, the “distance” to go from one place to another in space. We also talked about the rocket equation, used to compute payload mass fraction, and specific impulse… Let’s try to play with these concepts to have a better understanding of them, and unserstand why in-space refueling is useful. But […]

This time to stay

The current geopolitical context somewhat ensures that lunar activities will get funded in the upcoming years. Even if we could consider it is not for the good reasons, it is an opportunity. Living in space will have a lot of side benefits, so maybe it is a blessing in disguise? To make our return to […]

First come, first served?

Last week, we talked about the geopolitics of returning to the Moon. Is is really rational to think that the first to arrive on the Moon will be in a position to prevent others to do their own business there (like some in China and the U.S. are arguing)? That returning on Luna will be […]

Luna: second space race?

In the next years, we are going back to the Moon. Why am I so sure of it? The U.S.A. started their ambitious Artemis program of crewed spaceflights towards the lunar south pole, as well as their Gateway program – a small space station near the Moon. Europe is studying the possibility of using Ariane […]

Estimating the cost of spacecrafts

Money is important. Even if we have a lot of it, there are always multiple ways to spend it : things are always competing for a part of our budget. Is a prestigious mission worth it if we could have made 50 smaller missions instead? Are we doing a one-time spending/benefit, or an investment that […]

Transporting things in space

Space is very different from what we experience daily, so a bit of introduction is probably needed. If you already studied aerospace, this post will contain stuff you already know. But it will allow everyone to catch up, and we’ll have a reference to link when talking about space transportation concepts on this blog. Cars […]

The eighth continent

Why should we explore and settle space? Sometimes, we say that the Moon is “the eighth continent” of Earth. Here is how I like to think of it. Imagine. It is year 2020, and for some odd reason, we just discover today a continent the size of Africa, right in the middle of the Pacific […]

Space is big

I would like to open this blog with 3 simple words: “Space is big”. In fact, I would say it is impossible to grasp how immense it is. This infinity of new worlds could offer unlimited development potential for humanity, if we have enough vision to dare to explore it and settle there sustainably. For […]

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